Create a digital Mini Course

of your own

That Brings Passive Income, Social Media Followers and Email list of Fans

You get the PROVEN FORMULA to create a mini course for your business in 5 days, that brings your ideal clients to YOU,

leading to a 10k stream of income. hint- this is one!

Normally $199

Today $47

Or (Two Payments of $27)

If you are an online business owner that is struggling to fill your offers


You are Brand new to online business and you are looking for an easy was to bring passive income, fill your email list and grow your audience.

It's time to create a low ticket (Under $50) Mini Course that can do it all!

Tell Me if This is You

You are tired of……

Feeling like growing your following is slow and no one seems to want to buy.

Trading Time for money is stressful, if you get sick or take a trip, the income stops.

You are answering the same questions over and over when you KNOW you could help so many by creating a course!

Trying to piece together a a big course that takes a year to build is daunting!

No thanks! A mini course can be made fast!


And have them come into your world, effortlessly.

It can be done easily when you create an online mini course.

You might have thought about these myths.

Creating a course is hard

The Bootcamp shows you exactly how to to create a mini course just with your computer. If you don't have a platform yet, I cover what you need to easily automate the course

You need to be an expert to create a course

You don't need to be a world-renowned authority on a subject to create a valuable mini-course. As long as you have knowledge and skills that can benefit others, you can create a course to share your insights.

You have to cover everything in the mini-course

People want a transformation but not one that will overwhelm them. They don't have the time for a massive course so they want you to trip it down for them.

Nobody will be interested in my course

If you've identified a target audience and a problem your course addresses, there will be people interested in what you have to offer. Don't underestimate the value of your knowledge and the potential impact you can make.

There's too much competition in the market

Competition is natural in any field, but it also means there is demand for the topic. We Focus on what makes your course unique and how it addresses the specific needs of your audience.

You need advanced technical skills to create and run a course.

With various user-friendly online platforms available, you don't need extensive technical expertise to create and manage a mini-course. This course gives templates and tools to streamline the process.

The Mini-Course Bootcamp

Create an online Mini-Course in 5 Days

The first time 10k flowed into my business without a sales call or having to show up for it.

Thats when I knew Mini Courses were Magic!


I created this program to teach others the easiest way to create their mini course and basic mini course funnel.

See what’s inside…..

Build your mini course in this 5 day Roadmap

Get all the Canva templates to use for your mini course

Watch at your own time, repeat the process for as many courses as you would like to make. 

The Mini Course Method



Brainstorm & Research

We define your zone of genius as well as using AI and Social media to find your students pain points. This is the most important part of the mini course success.



Create Your Method of Success

We will define exactly how your students will get the outcome they are looking for. A method is just the steps you are taking your student on to get to their goals.


Teach & Record

We will make our slides and I show you how to record just once, edit out mistakes and make the recording easy! All you need is your computer. If you are shy you don't need to show your face


Create the Sales Page

Wether you build your sales page on your website or don't have a website yet, I walk you through how to sell your mini course the easiest way possible.


Funnel Build & Launch

We are going to automate this baby! You don't need to grant access to anyone it will all happen automatically with simple steps to set it up.


I created one $27 mini course that blew up my business.

I started from zero

When I started my business,

I had this weird feeling I was missing something when it came to growing my online business. I didn't matter how many times I posted my offers, it didn't seem to land.

It felt like all the big names knew something I didn't know.

I knew the secret to success wasn't just posting once a day and hoping to go viral.
I knew it wasn't growing their pages all organically over time.

It wasn't LUCK

it was


I needed a secret growth explosion and I created one that did the trick!


(Included in the Bootcamp)

Will help you create it fast!


I Grew my Business Fast

  • Started with zero

  • Added over 46oo students to my world

  • Grew my social media pages over 4k each

  • Brought in over 200k in my business

  • Ads paid for themselves, plus a stream of income.

  • I created 3 other courses that the students love!


I get thanked daily from student in my photography bootcamp. By creating a Mini Course, you give them what they need while growing your business.

Is this for me if I am just starting a business?

Yes, This is the exact strategy I used to create my photography school. I had zero following and started from scratch. The mini course brought in all my students and grew my business fast!

What do I need to make a Mini Course?

You will need a computer with the ability to screen record. I share my favorite apps that make that process even easier. You will need a program that has a cart and course platform where your student can purchase and deliver the course without you getting involved. I offer my very own program you can use at a very affordable price, or I also show you some of the other programs out there.

Can you help me?

This Bootcamp is a completely DIY course but if you are interested in guidance on your journey, Look at The Mini Course Method School.


You will have a fully functioning Mini Course Funnel that draws in your ideal client, grows your following and bring in passive income.

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